In order to rent with us, we require a few things…

Valid Driver License

In order to rent/operate one of our trailers, we require you possess a valid drivers license issued by any one of the 50 US States.

Unfortunately, Licenses from other countries, “International drivers licenses, Passports, and other forms of ID are not accepted.

Proof of Valid Insurance

Proof of valid insurance is required for all rentals. If you don’t possess insurance, or your carrier does not cover rental trailers, that’s okay. We offer daily insurance at low cost.

Ask us about insurance options that we offer!

Properly Rated Tow Vehicle

Every vehicle has a limit to how much weight it can tow. These limits are placed on a vehicle to prevent it from becoming damaged and endangering the occupants. At Upland Trailer Rentals, we require that all tow vehicles remain within their safe towing limits.

If you don’t know your vehicle’s tow limit, that’s okay. We can help!

Damage Deposit Card On File

Most of our trailer rentals require a damage deposit to be held via a credit/debit card authorization. For this reason, we ask that you place a credit card on file with us.